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"I was very pleased with the wallet I purchased from you. I could not even tell that it had  protective lining in it with how nicely it opened and closed. The wallet is just beautiful.             -Lydia Jones, CT


"I purchased one of your Ladies Wallets and thought I would put it to the test. I always carry a badge inside of my wallet and for years I have simply put my wallet up to the reader and processed through security.
   I tried your Ladies Wallet and the badge did not read through it. I was pretty impressed."
                -Floyd K.  IL 





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RFID Blocking Wallets, Passport Wallets Identity Theft Protection Products

Identity theft for airport and airline securityProviding credit card and identity security where you need it most... your wallet!

For many, electronic pick-pocketing, also known as "skimming" is a new issue to be concerned with, but the actual threat of RFID (Radio Frequency identification technology) theft has been around for some time, just not for the everyday consumer. To learn more about this devastating threat please [watch video].

How does your product work?
Our patented shield protection has been proven to safeguard you against RFID theft. Simply store your ID, credit cards, security clearance badges, passports and other chip enhanced items in any of our exclusive products to add the firewall protection you need. All of our products are lined with a specifically enhanced material (currently in use in Government secured areas and products). A type of proprietary lining that keeps transmissions from penetrating your personal data.

Why does skimming happen?
Each year Americans are issued over 50 million RFID embedded credit and debit cards. This has seriously increased our risk of being "hacked". With technology capabilities being what they are, skimmers have found ways to retrieve personal data through customized scanners.

This retrieval of vital information from your credit card, passport, security badge, ATM cards and even your driver's license, can all happen without even touching you and/or your wallet or purse. In some cases from as much as 70 to 100 feet away! Practically effortlessly a small device known as a skimmer quickly picks up the RFID signal of your data and reports it back to the thief.
[learn more]

Our products look, feel and operate naturally. With our patented shield protection you can rest easy that you are protected. With Identity Theft on the rise each person must do what they can to protect themselves.

Our new line of Access Denied identity theft products offers you the peace of mind that your virtual money, credit and other personal data is safe from unwanted scanners.


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